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Durable Rattan Headboards for Coastal Vacation Rental Properties

Our patent-pending Bed Surround System turns your existing bedding from ordinary, unfinished,and sloppy to a luxurious, finished and sleek look.  No more need for bedskirts that don't stay in place. Our system makes your mattress appear to float in the room. Pick any fabric for a custom look. You can buy just the sourround and use your existing headboard or you can buy the complete system.

            Before                                           After                               Installation Video
Surround Only   Heaboard Only   Surround and Headboard Set  
Twin Surround $229 Twin Headboard $179 Twin Surround Set $369
Full Surround $239 Full Headboard $219 Full Surround Set $419
Queen Surround $249 Queen Headboard $229 Queen Surround Set $439
King Surround $279 King Headboard $259 King Surround Set $489
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