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Use furniture that is appropriate for a vacation rental environment.

Residential sleeper sofas are designed to be put in your den or study and pulled out once or twice a year. Cottons, microfibers, and other lightweight upholstery, drapery, or bedspread fabrics are also not durable enough to withstand the daily wear from sunlight, chlorine, and sunscreen. Heavy-weight polyester fabrics and commercial construction components hold up best in a rental environment.


Summer Home Style - May 2010
Easy Updates for a Fresh Condo Decor

Making a noticeable improvement to your vacation rental condo décor does not have to mean a total renovation or high expense. While condo furnishing updates are a regular process, guests often associate "worn" with "dirty," so presenting your unit at its best is truly important for your business investment.


There are plenty of simple and affordable updates that can make a big impact on your unit's overall appearance and appeal:


Fresh Bedspreads and Pillows

Easily breathe new life into existing bedroom furniture with a vibrant new bedspread. Easy throw-style designs tuck under the pillows and go all the way to the floor to create a completed look, while all-over fabric patterns wear best against any inevitable stains or mishaps. Replacing any flat bed or sofa throw pillows with new plush pillows will make your guests both more comfortable and give them a better impression of the overall unit.


Incorporate New Lamps

As furniture styles change, lamps tend to make a décor look very dated. Adding a coastal lamp will not only provide a nice decorative touch, but also tie your décor into the beautiful environment surrounding your condo, which is where your guests chose to spend their vacation!

Refresh Existing Dining Chairs
Get rid of stained and faded dining chair seat fabric. Recover the seats in a fresh new fabric that coordinates with the rest of your décor.

Try a New Wall Color
A fresh coat of paint is the easiest and most inexpensive way to give your unit a whole new look - the biggest investment is your time! Consider venturing outside of white and beige - with all the colors available nowadays you can add a subtle hint of color without it looking too bold. Some of our favorites are the "Seaside Retreat" collection from Lowes. Try out a new color with sample cans before committing to a whole gallon. High-quality, high-gloss paint lasts longer in the high condo rental traffic and will not show scuffs or other wear marks as easily.

Touch Up Existing Furnishings

Pieces that are still stylish and in good working condition but only have a few scuffs and nicks can be easily made to look new again. A variety of good-quality spray paints are available to easily refresh table and bedroom furniture finishes. On quality rattan furniture make small touch-ups with a furniture marker, Old English, or Goo Gone to get rid of scuffs.

View more condo decorating tips or browse our complete speciality condo furnishing collection.

Coordinate New Furnishings Long Distance
A Summer Home regularly works with out-of-area vacation property owners on furnishing updates. We understand the distinct needs rental condo furnishings face and are familiar with properties throughout the Myrtle Beach area.

A number of resources are available to help homeowners through every step of the refurbishment process:
  • Website: showcases our complete collection with detailed product information, fabric choices, and photographs, as well as a collection of decorating tips to consider for future decor updates.
  • Complimentary Fabric Samples: Large 8 x 10 fabric samples are available at no charge for our entire upholstery, bedspread, and drapery collections to give you a more in-person look at your new furnishings.
  • Courtesy Unit Inspections & Personalized Proposals: If you need some help incorporating new furniture with your existing decor we are happy to take a look at your unit and offer our suggestions as to what pieces will coordinate best and make the most of your budget. Condo pictures and fabric samples are also provided to help you envision the new furniture in your space.  

Contact us with any questions or for further help with your condo furnishing updates.  

Complete the Look

Coordinating condo decor is easy with versatile fabric options that work well either with new furnishings or a unit's existing decor. Here's an example of how to incorporate a coastal decor of your own!

Shore Savvy Sleeper Sofa

Bahama Mama Lemongrass Coordinate

Seascape Maize Drapery

Lay Sea Sun Bedspread

Yacht Knot Lamps

If a vibrant and whimsical beachy look is your style, Shore Savvy may be the right upholstery fabric for your condo! Playful coastal details in bright beachy colors will give your decor a unique focal point. Easily coordinate side chairs and draperies in a number of colors - here this vivid look is continued with a Bahama Mama Lemongrass side chair and Seascape Maize draperies. Complete your lively seaside decor with rich striped Lay Sea Sun bedspreads and decorative Yacht Knot table lamps.

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