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Introduce your guests to some of your favorite things at the beach.

Compile a binder with to-go menus, attraction brochures, or shopping center information highlighting your favorite places to visit while at the beach. Besides the beach, guests are often looking for suggestions on other enjoyable places to explore during their stay.


Summer Home Style - May 2010
A Final Check of Your Condo's Accommodations

Myrtle Beach has made a quick jump from spring to summer with humid temperatures already setting in and lighter evenings filling out the days. With those warmer days comes a heavier stream of visitors to the area. Is your vacation rental property ready for the Summer 2010 rental season?  

Take one more look at your sofa - is the fabric still vibrant and free of significant visible wear or damage? Does the sleeper mechanism and mattress still offer proper support when sitting down on the sofa? Does it open and close easily? Also check your bedspreads - is the fabric faded or any stitching coming undone on the seams? What about the finishing touches that complete your condo's charm? A fresh piece of artwork or unique table lamp can give a well-maintained room some interest and create a refreshed look.  

If you are at the beach finishing up any off-season maintenance, stop by the showroom to find a remaining piece to complete your coastal decor. From home, visit to view fabric patterns and sample images to help you coordinate any last updates with your existing furnishings. A number of our manufactured product lines are in-stock or available with quick delivery. Unit accessibility will be arranged with your property management company around any scheduled rental guests.  

Feel free to contact us with questions or for any assistance.
Addressing In-Season Furniture Repairs

As the Summer 2010 rental season gets closer, we know the importance of quickly and effectively addressing any furniture maintenance issues that may arise in order to keep your rental guests happy and on schedule. In collaboration with your property management company, we are available to provide a number of product services to troubleshoot some common problems.

  • Sleeper sofa mechanisms and mattresses take a great deal of wear during the course of the rental season, especially in the summer months. Replacement pieces are kept in-stock to make the necessary fix right away and prevent any disruption to your rental guests.
  • In case of an emergency where a sofa or chair needs to be completely replaced, a large selection of our Seaside Fabric Collection is always in-stock to quickly provide replacement furniture. Sample images are available on our website to help you coordinate with your existing decor. Delivery can be scheduled with your property management company around any upcoming rentals.
  • Commercial-grade bedding sets are also kept in-stock with quick delivery available for any replacements needed for your condo's sleeping accommodations.

Contact us with any questions or for further assistance.

Show Off Your Vacation Rental Property with Well-Composed Pictures

Whether you rent your condo yourself or would simply like to show off all of your hard work to friends and family, taking the right pictures goes a long way to presenting your property at its best.

  • Get a good overall look at the main living area by taking a picture from out on the balcony looking back into the unit.
  • Pay attention to the most appealing focal point in the room. For example, a nice bedspread or sofa and draperies mean more to the overall attractiveness of a room than a large dresser or television.
  • Angles and room sizes in condos can be a challenge. Show more of an awkward or small room by standing on a chair or holding the camera slightly overhead.
  • Look out for mirrors - they can show both the camera flash and your reflection in the background!
  • Present a good balance of interior and exterior photos. The beach is your main attraction, so include whatever shows the best - whether it's your balcony, the view down the beach, or your close proximity to the ocean's waves.
  • Focus on your condo's strong points. All rooms may not be as spacious as you would like or have brand new furniture everywhere, but showing the best elements of a well-maintained condo will let your guests fill in the rest in a positive light.

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