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Summer Home Style - May 2010
Determining Condo Furnishing Updates

All vacation rental property owners face a common question when working on condo furniture updates - you know it's time to make some changes, but to what? It's not practicable or cost-effective to start over completely from scratch. So how do you determine what needs to be replaced?

First, take a good, objective look at your existing furniture and décor. While there are no set guidelines on how long rental condo furniture should last (unfortunately it only takes one bad guest to do a lot of damage) there are some warning signs that your furniture has seen better days:

  • Can you tell pieces are visibly worn (faded, frayed, or stained fabrics, sinking sofa cushions)?
  • Do individual furnishings or color schemes appear dated?
  • Do pieces look like they are poor quality (with chips, scratches, or instability)?

This can give potential guests a negative perception of your condo, despite all the positives you may have.

Next, see how your condo compares to other rental properties by looking online at the competition. Chances are your potential guests are doing this, too, to figure out where they want to spend their vacation dollars. While décor themes may vary from a large corporate property to a beach-inspired condo, a unit that appears fresh, clean, and modern will appeal to guests across the board. Investing in quality pieces that will hold up over time will give you the most longevity to keeping your rental property looking its best.

The main goal of any rental condo furnishing update is to create a positive experience for your guests. An up-to-date unit presents a welcoming environment and will make them feel like they're getting a fair value for their money.  

Visit our website to view A Summer Home's complete collection of commercial quality and durable furniture lines, made and selected with the needs of vacation rental properties in mind. Feel free to contact us for free fabric samples, with any questions, or for more information. 

Decorating Consultant Services

Furnishing a vacation rental property can seem overwhelming, especially when trying to coordinate everything from a distance. A Summer Home is available to offer our assistance and more than 20 years of knowledge and experience furnishing rental properties throughout the Myrtle Beach area.

Our Complimentary Services Include:

  • Unit Inspections: We can look at your condo and offer suggestions as to the most meaningful furnishing updates to get the best return on your investment. We can make arrangements with your management company or meet with you while you are in town.
  • Proposals and Fabric Samples: Be able to see and feel elements of your new furnishings from home with large 8 x 10 samples of our upholstery, bedspread, and drapery fabrics. We also try to include pictures of your condo to help you envision the new pieces in your space.
  • Comprehensive Website: Take a closer look at our furnishings with detailed product information and pictures. Also, our collection of decorating tips will give you other ideas for decor updates as you continue own your condo. 
Complete the Look

Coordinating condo decor is easy with versatile fabric options that work well either with new furnishings or a unit's existing decor. Here's an example of how to incorporate a coastal decor of your own!

Shell Shock Mauve Sleeper Sofa

Bahama Mama Ocean Coordinate

Seascape Spa Drapery

Beachwalk Ocean Bedspread

Beach Beauties Lamps
Shell Shock Mauve is one of our most popular upholstery fabrics year after year. The vibrant beachy print with a dense seashell pattern is great for rental condo wear. It's also a versatile fabric, easy to coordinate with your condo's existing teal or mauve decor. Bahama Mama Ocean offers the perfect choice for side chairs and other coordinating details. A drapery in Seascape Spa will keep the unit light and airy with a tranquil backdrop to the rest of the furnishings. Continue that soothing motif into the bedroom with Beachwalk Ocean Bedspreads. Complete the look of your new beachy decor with decorative Beach Beauties Lamps.
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