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Protect your investment.

While any furnishing updates have an initial expense, spending your budget wisely on long-lasting refurbishments will get you the most of your money spent. When you make the decision to rent your condo, you must start thinking of it as a business. Every decision must focus on what will be meaningful to your guests' stays and keep them coming back.


Upholstery Warranty Information & Commercial Furniture Specifications

Our line of contract upholstered furniture is completely different from any other line of furniture you have bought in the past.

The average sleeper sofa on a retail floor is designed to be put into a study or den and pulled out for guests once or twice a year. Our furniture is "contract quality," which means it is designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear associated with a rental property. The sleeper mechanism, wood frame, seat, and fabric are all approved for any oceanfront hotel room of any major brand chain. However, since contract furniture companies do not sell to individual retail stores, the condo or beach house owner has nowhere to turn for durable contract furniture. This is where we help!

Lifetime warranty against warping or cracking of the wood frame.
We offer a lifetime warranty on the wood frame of any piece produced by our company. In 20+ years of manufacturing sofas for hotels and condos, we have had only 3 problems with the frames on our upholstered pieces. If a customer ever has a damaged frame, we will repair or replace the piece at no charge.

Commercial sleeper mechanism with a 3-year warranty.
The sleeper mechanism used in all of our sofa sleepers is the Hickory Springs contract unit. This heavy-duty unit has a 3-year warranty against mechanical defects when used in a commercial environment. The unit has all flat bars instead of round bars, eliminating the discomfort caused by feeling the bar in your back through the mattress. The TV headrests on all of our sofa sleepers have been disengaged and will not stay locked in the upright position. The #1 cause of broken sleeper units is that someone attempted to close the sleeper with the headrest pulled up. This measure eliminates many broken sleeper units.

6" innerspring mattress.
A 6" innerspring mattress is standard on all of our sofa sleepers, as opposed to the 4" mattress found in many residential sleepers. The mattress is by no means as comfortable as a bed, but it does allow for a good night's sleep.

Our sleeper sofas pass Federal Government Testing with a "Heavy Duty" status

Heavy density flame-retardant seat foam.
All of the seat foam in our cushions is heavy density and flame retardant. The cushions are extra firm and will keep their shape over the years of heavy rental abuse.

Fabric Selections.
Very few fabric mills will warrant their fabrics under any circumstance. The few that do offer such unattractive fabrics that no one will want to purchase them! We have selected heavy-weight fabrics with random, all-over patterns that wear well and hide stains from inevitable accidents. All of our fabrics are a heavy polyester or olefin material that can better withstand the elements of a rental condo than that of a polished cotton. Polished cottons are more susceptible to sun rot and cannot withstand the chlorine from wet bathing suits like heavier weight fabrics. Most of the fabrics in our program are tapestry beach-themed patterns, though we happily run orders for more traditional tastes.

Smaller-scaled upholstery.
We like to say that our furniture is condo-sized, which means it is scaled down enough to fit through the narrow entryways of most condos. Our upholstery does not overcrowd the room like many popular overstuffed styles.

Wrapped reversible seat cushions.
All of the cushions on our upholstery are wrapped or center welt style. The typical box cushion will twist and turn and get our of shape with use. You can flip and flop our cushions around to level out any wear without the pattern ever being upside-down.

Arm caps and plastic zippers.
A set of arm caps is included with every piece of upholstery at no charge. We encourage customers to purchase additional covers at the time of their order. We use plastic zippers on every seat cushion because metal zippers will rust with the humidity and salt air of the ocean.

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